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High Desert Trading Post Alturas California
High Desert Trading Post Alturas California
5 Flagg St. Pl Augusta Maine
676 West Lewis Remodel
High Desert Trading Post Redding California

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This is a home that we bought on auction that had been abandoned for 5 years, and had some major distress.  We installed a new kitchen, replaced flooring in 5 rooms, replaced all of the plumbing.  Replaced all of the wiring.  Replaced 5 of the windows.  Replaced most of the light fixtures.  Remodeled the bathroom, all except for the shower.   Rebuilt the porch that had came off of the house, by sliding off the footers due to erosion.  Had to replace the footers, and most of the wooden structure, as well as the asphalt roofing.  We also re-landscaped this, and planted raspberrys

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This is a 5 plex that we bought, and remodeled.  We turned the 5 unit building in to a 4 unit building.  We opened up some of the smaller first floor apartments and made them bigger.  We also remodeled all of the units, with new bathrooms, kitchens, flooring and paint.   Then we rented it out, and sold the building for a decent profit.

The building was located at:  676 West Lewis St., Pocatello Idaho 83205

Tech Pro Now - Thompson Professional Networks Springville Utah
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These are businesses that we owned and operated throughout the years.
1.  Tech Pro Now – IT Support – Springville Utah

2.  High Desert Trading Post – Variety Store – Alturas California

3.  Clovis Star – Vaporizer Store – Pocatello Idaho

There will be more pictures and projects to come.